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Kim Laube Lithium Ion Battery Pack


Lithium Ion Battery Pack "State of art technology" (Fits: 821 Litening ,721 Mini Micro, 723 Thunder & New 804 kits)

This Lithium Ion Battery will fit clipper models:
Litening #821 (cordpack/cordless version)
Mini Micro #721 (cordpack/cordless version)
Thunder #723 (cordpack/cordless version)
Cowgirl/Litening (804 cordless kits)
Only comes in 2-Speed (hi/lo). Quick changeable and requires no tools. Charges in less than an hour. Built-in switch protector. Lithium Ion battery packs are the fastest charging batteries in the world, and charge in mere minutes. Ready to go! They never develop memory; Lithium Ion batteries are the lightest weight batteries anywhere. That is good for your health because lightweight helps reduce repetitive motion injuries and carpel tunnel syndrome. Lithium Ion is also the most compact/smallest battery on earth. They use only the finest technology in the world. Use Laube products for only the best grooming. Actual clip time will vary according to model and circumstances. Features built-in switch protector. 9.6v-4.8v DC. Order extra battery packs fro non-stop clipping. 4,000-9,000 SPM. 2,000-4,500 RPM.

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